The fall sports season began on Aug. 13, 2018. There are many reasons why playing a fall sport can enhance your experience at Harrisburg Academy!

First, by the time school starts, our students already know many of the other students. Second, there is the opportunity to participate in a team sport that you may not have played before. Our school hosts Youth Swimming (K-8), Upper School Club Golf, Club Fencing, Varsity Boys’ and Girls’ Soccer, and Varsity Girls’ Tennis in the fall. Students in 9th through 12th grade can also participate in several additional sports through our P.I.A.A. Cooperative Sponsorships, including: Varsity Football (Trinity High School), Cross Country (West Shore Christian School), and Field Hockey (Cedar Cliff High School).

When considering whether you should play a sport, I challenge you to think about the many reasons to play versus the reasons why you might not choose to play.

According to the National Federation for High School Sports (NFHS), some of the benefits of participating in sports include improved grade point averages, better attendance records, and fewer discipline problems. Studies also link valuable lessons and skills for practical situations — such as teamwork, fair play, and hard work. Students learn self-discipline, build self-confidence, and develop skills to handle competitive situations. These qualities help young people become responsible adults and skilled professionals.

There is a value to being engaged with other students and striving to enhance school spirit. As the athletics director for many years, I have also witnessed teammates establishing friendships and relationships that extend years beyond graduation. The bonds made here in high school can last a lifetime, something you may not realize as a teenager! I promise you that the friendships made on the athletic fields and courts will last throughout your lifetime.

Our fall season is nine weeks, and the first two begin before school is in session. If you are playing a winter sport, the fall is a great way to prepare for the winter season, as well! We offer a no-cut policy for our student-athletes, and coaches are willing to teach students who want to learn and improve their skills. You do not have to be the most skilled to join the team, but you do have to show a desire and dedication to commit to the team policies and show your Spartan pride!

Let’s go, Spartans!  We can’t wait to see you wearing the blue and gold as we move into the autumn months.

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