The past few years of my personal life have been exciting:  my husband and I were married; we purchased our first home; and now, we joyously await the birth of our first child together.  Three years from now, I will be proud to add the title of “Academy parent” to my resume (Baby Pae ’30 will enter HATS in the fall of 2015).

There are so many things about this school that I love — learning experiences of which I cannot wait for my son to be a part.  To what do we have to look forward?  So much!

  • The Science of Magnets.  On Tuesday, HATS kids learned about magnets.  Where will they work?  And how do they work?  All of the kids brought a magnet to share with the class to discuss similarities and differences in addition to searching for and identifying magnets found throughout their own homes.  The Paes will have no difficulties with this assignment as we tend to pick up lots of magnet souvenirs in our travels.
  • Exploring with Magnifying Glasses.  Continuing with the theme of “M” week, our youngest students learned about magnifying glasses and their purpose. The kids were tasked with exploring their own homes under the lens.  I’m not sure if I want my little guy to be examining the nooks and crannies so closely… I think this is my early reminder to vacuum most thoroughly during “M” week!
  • Matching Mittens.  On Friday, the students were asked to bring a pair of mittens to school to be used for a matching game.  Looks like Mom needs to get started on that next knitting project already!
  • Music.  Last but certainly not least, HATS students will visit music class (twice weekly!) and explore the “mighty sounds of musical instruments.”  What a diverse week of learning for Harrisburg Academy’s three-year-olds.

And HATS is just the beginning of his educational journey.  Many more engaging, unique, and personalized learning experiences — the “something more and something different” that makes this school truly remarkable — await Baby Pae in Lower School, Middle School, and Upper School.  As his mother, I think learning opportunities like this can’t come soon enough.  Perhaps Dr. Newman summed my sentiments up best when having a similar conversation with me about the new addition to my family: “I bet you wish he could be born and be three-years-old immediately,” he remarked with a laugh.  You bet!

Interested in learning more about Harrisburg Academy’s Early Childhood program for your own child?  Plan on attending our next admission open house, scheduled for Sunday, February 12 at 2 p.m.  Click here to R.S.V.P.