In a Middle School, it is very difficult to select the craziest two hours in the school year.  I do believe that Back-to-School Night has to rank right up towards the top.

Within the first 50 minutes of the event, parents hear presentations from our head of school, Board of Trustees president, Parents Association president, director of development, and 14 additional faculty and staff members who work with students in the Middle School.  I conclude the introductory session and find it to be awfully tough to be at the end of such an interesting slate of speakers with so much important information to share with our parents!

Once our audience thinks they are nearing information overload, we transition them into the shoes of the student and ask them to follow their child’s schedule for one hour (keep in mind that your son or daughter learns to follow a full seven-day rotating schedule). It is always fun watching parents navigate the hallways and try to reach their destination in the three-minute window provided — the same challenge their children face nearly ten times a day.

I was pleased to see the smiling faces of parents as they learned from their children’s teachers the academic outcomes they should see at this portion of their child’s educational journey (by the conclusion of the academic year at Harrisburg Academy, to be specific).  The support and partnership of parents is so influential in helping to shape the successful learning that takes place every day in our Middle School.

Thank you to everyone in attendance for being a big part of a very special evening.  We’re looking forward to another year filled with learning excellence and a differentiated, personal experience for your children.