What a perfect example of social education at the Academy!

Students were able to enjoy this beautiful early spring weather outside during recess. Recess time is purposely left as free play where students decide whether they want to spend their time on the athletic field, playground, or on the bleachers chatting with a friend.

The lessons students learn from each other during “play time” are critical to their growth and development. The need for these types of activities do not end in early childhood or lower school. Physical activity is so important for Middle School students and we are able to deliver it through a short recess each day after lunch, an “official” recess once per cycle, and through routine physical education classes.

The trip to Olympic Skate was another chance to see our Middle School students at their best. Whether proficient skaters or first timers everyone was having a blast. (I was surprised how many students were putting on skates for the first time today!) The “pro” skaters helped the less experienced and everyone came to the aid of those who “wiped out”. The DJ was playing fun, recent tunes that the students knew and kept things interesting with a number of different activities (Chicken Dance anyone?).

It was a great day to be in the Middle School and a reminder of the how much fun it actually can be.