I taught in the Pennsylvania public education system for the past nine and a half years, but since coming to the Academy, I have noticed so many differences within these walls that might seem small, but make a world of difference to me as an educator.

I love my job.  I love my students.  I love what I am teaching.  And most importantly, I love who I am when I am teaching at the Academy.  In the past, I was always fighting for my program, working countless extra hours to work with students, and managing those who didn’t think that what I taught mattered.  I also had very large class sizes, where I was not able to really know my students, or have time to help them succeed.

Here, I am still working my tail feathers off, sometimes even later into the evening than in the past prepping for the classes I teach, but I don’t mind doing the extra work necessary to put together wonderful programs, beautiful concerts, and fun lessons for our students and their families.

Academy students appreciate the work I do, and so do the parents.  Never have I ever been brought to tears by parent emails, letters, and comments after a performance of my ensembles.  Never have I felt so supported by my heads of school.  Plus, the class sizes here are amazing! I’ve gone from a normal class size in a public education classroom of at least 28-36 students to having 18 as the largest class.  It makes a world of difference for everyone involved.  It is tiring at times, teaching two Junior Kindergarten classes in a row, (Wow, how do those ladies have energy at the end of the day!) but I am getting used to the type of energy that I need to keep the students active in the lessons, and I find I am really enjoying the time with my students.  I actually look forward to Mondays now, and come home smiling because I feel valued.

At Harrisburg Academy, I know that my efforts are actually making a difference in the lives of my students.  The Academy has shown me what education can be, and I am so thankful and happy to be a part of the Academy family.

Mrs. Darowish is hosting a MINI Class as part of our Summer Session programming this year!  Make sure to check out the Musical Theatre Workshop for an opportunity for your student to take part in the excellent fine and performing arts programming at the Academy beyond the academic year.