The MS/US library has been a flurry of activity this fall.  We started off with library orientation for Mrs. Haywood’s 5th grade English and Geography classes, and since then the library has hosted Upper School history classes for research on ancient cultures and the American Revolution, Miss Bowman’s 8th grade social studies class for research on global issues, and Middle School science classes for preparation for this year’s science fair.

As the librarian in the middle and upper school library, a big part of my job is teaching information literacy, and the best way for me to do that is by partnering with classroom teachers.  I am fortunate to work with educators who value the skills of finding, analyzing, and using information in effective and proper ways.  My lessons, in collaboration with classroom research projects, include database instruction, website evaluation, MLA citations, and OPAC searches.  Please check out the library’s website for access to our library resources!  (The site can also be accessed by logging into the Academy’s website, clicking “Access” in the left navigation menu and choosing MS/US Library from the sub-menu.)

In addition to teaching information literacy, I enjoy promoting reading for pleasure, and work with the English teachers to stimulate a love of lifelong reading in all of our students.  Each year, the Pennsylvania School Librarian Association holds a Reader’s Choice Award Program for elementary, middle, and high school students.  Here’s how it works: a committee chooses 15 recently released books for each level, participating students commit to reading at least 3 of the books, and then the students vote for their favorite in March.  The votes from all participating Pennsylvania schools are tallied, and the winning book is determined!  This year’s list of books for Middle and Upper School students can be found on the library’s website under Recommended Websites: Literary Resources.  In connection with the Upper School’s Center for Literary Studies, Mr. Frengel and I will hold “chat sessions” throughout the year to discuss the books with participating Upper School students, and I will also visit with Middle School students who choose to participate.

Please contact me to learn more about the library resources and curriculum at Harrisburg Academy.