We’re all pleased to learn that Niche.com, a feedback website that tabulates rankings, reviews, and statistics on 250,000 U.S. colleges, K-12 schools, and places to live, recently elevated Harrisburg Academy to the 18th spot on the “Best Private Schools in Pennsylvania” list.  News that our Upper School division was ranked as the 13th best college prep high school in the Commonwealth was similarly gratifying.

One might think such news would generate complacency in our faculty and staff — but this group of rather “down-to-earth” professionals will not be distracted from its primary focus, our students.  Everything our teachers do is intentionally geared to the academic, social, and emotional success of our students.  Our faculty and staff’s orientation is to communicate openly and frequently with you for the purpose of building a trusting relationship.  These strong relationships, in turn, are critical for teacher, student, and parent, alike when seeking to effectively communicate during the more challenging moments of growth and performance at school.

In the classroom, we work hard to create the best environment for learning.  As part of this, we dedicate much effort towards identifying opportunities for students to “live” our character traits and learn the ways of our Responsive Classroom program.  When the environment for learning is working at its best, learning opportunities are varied, thoughtful, active, well-managed, and filled with discovery and experimentation (that’s overly verbose, but all necessary… because that’s what happens at the Academy!).  Simply put, the learning “flows.”

I’ll be candid.  I’m proud of the Academy’s rank in the latest Niche profile.  I’m proud of what we as a school community — students, parents, faculty and staff, alumni — achieve daily.  I’m proud that we have improved our ranking from 37th in 2015-16, to 26th in 2016-17, to 18th today.  We’ll continue to work hard to achieve even better outcomes.  Strong, successful, and vibrant school communities are an integral part of our nation’s fabric.  It’s affirming to know that others, as well, recognize that.

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