by guest blogger Laurie Kennedy, parent of Jack ’24

At Harrisburg Academy, Lower School Back-to-School Night is not just another school night.  Certainly, being introduced to my son’s new teachers was a highlight of  the evening; hearing the anticipation and excitement of the teachers made me want to go back to school!  Who knew second grade could be so amazing?!

I don’t know whether I’m more intrigued or energized by the Asian art my son will study this year, or the exposure to new state-of-art classroom technology, or the fun-inspired atmosphere generated by his teacher in his homeroom.  Just sitting at his desk and absorbing the classroom environment helped me see school from his perspective.

I am always pleasantly surprised (although I shouldn’t be) by the commitment and dedication that Academy teachers have to assuring that my son reaches his fullest potential both academically and personally. I am thrilled with the range of academic offerings he’ll receive this year in 2nd grade, but am equally excited about the stated objective to teach him responsibility and accountability, not to mention the expectation that students are kind and respectful to one another.  Excellent academics?  Sure.  Character development?  Even better.  His teachers are as committed to knowing him as they are to knowing the curriculum.

But the Academy is more than a collection of classrooms.  It’s a community of teachers and learners, of parents and children.  Back-to-School Night is always a great opportunity to reconnect with returning parents and to meet parents of new friends who we’ll get to know throughout the academic year.

Can you tell I am very excited about this year? I’m convinced it’s going to be a great one…