“We are glad to offer you the position of Assistant Director of Admission for Early Childhood and Lower School at Harrisburg Academy.”  Words that I never thought that I would hear have excited and challenged me since accepting the offer to return.  Long ago, I was a midyear transfer into Mrs. Morrow’s 5th grade class – please don’t look up that photo in the yearbook.  My mother was already here teaching the other section of 5th grade and I was lucky enough to already know some current families, so had a built-in familiarity.  I attended Harrisburg Academy through my freshman year – you can look up those yearbook photos – gaining a tremendous educational foundation, earning two varsity letters, and making life-long friends.

Walking the halls again, I am alternately hit with a sense of déjà vu and “where am I?”  (I can access my office using the stairs to nowhere!)  With my new position as part of the admissions team, I can easily talk to current and prospective families about what a special place Harrisburg Academy is.  I have experienced it as a student and as a teacher’s son, and I know the value of independent school education as a parent.  On each tour that I have been part of since returning, there have been interactions between prospective parents and a current student or parent that make me want to enroll in Harrisburg Academy all over again.  This community of students, faculty, parents, administration, and alumni make for an extremely special place, and I cannot wait to talk to families, both new and current.  Please feel free to call or email me – I look forward to meeting you!

David Bechtel – bechtel.d@harrisburgacademy.org

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