Introducing a five-part series about the Academy’s strategic plan

Someone once told me that listening to strategic planning discussions was similar to watching paint dry.  I agree, these conversations sometimes are a slow-go, and do include mind-numbing PowerPoint presentations and long lists of future goals that are forgotten shortly after we’ve had our last cookie and dashed out of the meeting!

But, by the same token, the strategic planning process is vitally important.  It involves a wide range of committed and interesting people.  In the Academy’s case, last spring we invited parents, teachers, trustees, and administrators to the table to be a part of the conversation.  Each person had the same goal — to grow the Academy’s existing advantages for our students.  Therefore, being aware of and understanding the future direction of the Academy and how we plan to get there is equally important for our entire community.

For that reason, I’ve decided to provide you with a series of short blogs to explain the thoughtful direction our strategic planning collaborators have planned for the next three years.  My blogs will be free of charts, tables, and descriptions, I promise!  My goal is not to reiterate the strategies we so proudly chose as the basis of our Growing the Academy Advantage strategic plan (they are all available here if you’d like a refresher), but rather, to capture the essence of this effort by discussing some specific points that illuminate its breadth and spirit.  That way, hopefully reading the blogs won’t be similar to watching paint dry… and you can anticipate what to expect during the next three years!