This entry is taken from The Insider, Harrisburg Academy’s Upper School Newspaper, and is penned by guest author, Rose L. ’12, a graduating senior.

Senior year of high school is awkward. You are transitioning from one world into another, yet simultaneously you are seemingly still stuck in high school. Although there are many difficult moments during senior year, there is also time to take a moment and remember the good. For my final piece for the Academy Insider I will be honoring the year of my graduation – 2012 – by sharing with you a countdown of my top 12 favorite things that have happened during my time at Harrisburg Academy:

12. Continually making a fool of myself during morning meeting

11. Singing chorus songs in the halls and in whatever class was right after chorus

10. Enjoying the endless secret stash of snacks located in an undisclosed location near the lower cove

9. States Fair!!!

8. Creating a song about sedimentary rocks in 8th grade science class that (to this day) I still remember the words of

7. Being the starter for the 440 relay race on Field Day

6. Finally fulfilling my fantasy to sleep in a library amongst books during the senior lock-in

5. Finishing my Extended Essay

4. Convincing a teacher to invest in a pair of Chacos’ sandals

3. Watching the “Friday” parody over and over

2. Playing with the HATS kids in between exams during midterms and finals


1. Enjoying the moments when my peers can finish my sentences and almost read my mind

I will miss being here at Harrisburg Academy next year when I am in college because of the community that I have been a part of for the past ten years.



(editor’s note: pictures of States Fair, Field Day, HATS kids, and so much more are available for viewing on our website and on our Facebook page – check ’em out!)