The end of each school year brings many things, most having to do with endings in preparation for new beginnings and exciting adventures.  Often they include saying goodbye to those who have played significant roles in the shared journey.

This June will mark a significant end of an era and quite an adjustment for me.  I will be saying goodbye to someone I have spent more hours with than anyone else in the last 10 years.  He is the head of our Middle School and Upper School, Dr. Tom Banks.  We have walked side by side through much together; we shared the joy of the good times, leaned on one another through the tough times, and appreciated all of the in between.

We watched our 5th grade sons grow up and go off to college, shared canoe trips on the river, toured colleges with juniors, spent nights “locked in” with seniors, and had countless hours of conversations with each other, students, parents and Dr. Newman.  We can usually complete the other’s sentences and predict what the other will find funny or annoying, but mostly we can count on each other as we meet head-on whatever the week may bring.

Whether he was banging on his drums with his glow sticks dressed like a skeleton, or wearing his Academy attire or favorite beat-up Harrisburg Academy sweatshirt and jeans, he always has a smile on his face and is ready to lend a hand.  I can count on him to be reliably optimistic and predictable.

Thank you for always staying positive, for all the laughs, and for making coming to work a fun adventure for the last 10 years.  Farewell, my friend, I will miss our day-to-day, day after day.

Good luck at West Nottingham Academy, Dr. Banks – they are lucky to get you!