Harrisburg Academy strongly supports the involvement of parents and families in the educational experiences of our students.  We agree with the research that states parental involvement is a key ingredient in assisting children in being successful in school.  To help facilitate such involvement, our faculty and staff work diligently with parents to form effective partnerships aimed at supporting the efforts of our students.

Along with the Explorer, classroom newsletters, athletics calendars, NetClassroom, and other forums for providing information to parents, we also provide opportunities for formal and informal meetings with teachers.  All of these help parents have a full awareness of not only a students’ experiences but the level of progress he or she has made.

In an effort to further enhance effective partnerships, we have instituted Parent Connection Meetings.  These meetings are arranged soon after the start of the school year between parents and classroom teachers in Early Childhood and Lower School, or with the student’s advisor in the Middle and Upper School.

The goal of Parent Connection Meetings is for parents and classroom teachers or advisors to meet and begin to foster a relationship that will benefit each student throughout the school year.  Parents will be encouraged to discuss their expectations, hopes, or concerns for their child. It is our hope that these conversations will lay the ground work for a stronger “connection” or partnership in support of the student for the year to come.

We launched Parent Connection Meetings at the start of the 2014-15 academic year, and received positive feedback from many parents who attended.  In response to parental suggestions, we opted to schedule the Academy’s traditional Back-to-School Nights prior to the Parent Connection Meetings.  As a result, this year our four Back to School nights will occur the week before students return for classes.  We believe this will help parents have a better understanding of the upcoming curricular and behavioral expectations for their children and be better prepared to discuss their hopes or concerns.

We look forward to seeing you at this year’s Parent Connection Meetings!