With summer now here, children are ready for a break from the daily school routine. Many families will be hitting the road for a family vacation or taking day trips throughout the area. Although the summer is a great change of pace for children, it can also be a time when they are not keeping up with their skills like they do during the academic year.

To avoid or minimize the “summer slide,” try some of the following suggestions:

  1. Join your local library reading program. The Fredricksen Library (in Camp Hill) visits the Academy every spring and does a great job getting children excited about upcoming events and programs. It also has incentives for completing suggested reading times and a great summer program for older students, too.
  2. Read every day. Pick a book that you may have enjoyed as a child that may be on level or slightly above your child’s reading level so you can take time to read together. I know that my children were always more motivated to read if a parent or older sibling was willing to read with them.
  3. Take advantage of any local camps or programs in your area. This can be a fun way to keep children’s minds and bodies busy, while learning in a fun way!

By adding a few fun and interactive — but also academically focused — activities to your children’s to-do list this summer, you will be certain to avoid the “summer slide” and help them prepare for next year.

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