As summer comes to an end and fall begins, we are excited about what this new academic year will bring in Junior Kindergarten.  But in sharing memories of summer with our “non-teacher” friends, the season is not just about deciding what swim suit to wear, but taking time to rest our mind, body, and soul.  Many teachers utilize their summer to extend their studies, travel, spend time with family, and honestly, prepare for the next academic year.  And as we have discovered, a teacher’s mind never really stops thinking about school.

Before the actual first day of school, the teachers at Harrisburg Academy report to class for two weeks of teacher in-service days.  Our first day is always exciting, as many of us haven’t seen each other all summer!  It begins with the traditional water ceremony, when teachers have the opportunity to share stories of their summer travels and add a drop of water to the jar, which contains water from all seven continents!

After the welcome-back meeting is finished, we’re off and running, unpacking and setting up our classrooms.  Believe it or not, this process takes a few days and many teachers spend time before and after school diligently working in their rooms.

Both Sheri and I feel fortunate to work with such a dedicated group of faculty, staff, and administrators.  Our two-weeks of professional development allow us not only time to prepare our rooms, but time to meet with colleagues.  It is a time for department and divisional meetings, with the ultimate goal of making sure we’re all working together to better enhance learning experiences for our students.

As part of the Academy community, it is always exciting to participate in start-of-school events.  The All-School Picnic is always a hit, but as fall settles in, we look forward to the Feast and Frolic with Junior Kindergarten families, and the chance to know our students and their parents better.

It takes amazing time and effort to prepare for the start of school.  It goes without saying, as well, that our staff does an amazing job of getting the building ready for our arrival.  The smell of fresh paint and newly waxed floors is always a great welcome back.  We truly believe that the faculty, staff, and administration at Harrisburg Academy continually go above and beyond before, during, and after each academic year to provide the greatest learning environment for our students.  It definitely takes a village!