by guest blogger, Felicity Erni (parent of Seth ’21)

What began as an excellent educational program for our small son has turned into a decade of learning at Harrisburg Academy. We did not intend to stay past our “welcome years” in Early Childhood, but apparently we were meant to stay.

As our family approaches re-enrollment contract time again, it dawned on me that we have now been part of the Academy community for nearly 10 academic years. When I think back to how nervous I was to send my little three-year-old boy to a school that included “older” teenage students I have to smile – now I cannot remember why I was so fearful of young people committed to attending a school that expects students to show respect, to even the littlest Spartans.  And now here we are, preparing to enter the 10th year.  And while the Academy has provided our son with many educational experiences in that time, it is the personal growth opportunities that we value the most. The academic advantage of small classrooms have always been a main priority and reason for our continued enrollment; however the opportunities to take on leadership roles, participate in band, drama, Zumba club, and play a sport all in the same year is the real advantage we know he would never have anywhere else.

The Academy community works collectively – parents, teachers, staff, and administration – to build a better educational environment for all students and families.  We are proud to be part of a school that teaches our children how to be problem-solvers as invested young members of this community. And while we will not be here 10 more years, we are relieved to know that returning next year will provide solid skills for him far beyond the next decade.

And that little three-year-old boy is now a tall 6th grader who is one of the “older” students I first worried about, but I have faith that he will be kind to the littlest Spartan because he, too, knows the value of this community.