Each year, Harrisburg Academy welcomes several new international students to our community.  These students add great diversity to the fabric of our Upper School program and enrich the culture.  The students speak English – pretty well, in fact – and are academically strong.

Hosting an international student is a uniquely rewarding opportunity for any family.  You will learn about another culture and share the culture of your family.  You will foster mutual understanding and respect.  And you will create memories and a relationship with your student that will last a lifetime.

Host families can serve as a welcome family (arrival only), one semester placement, or a school-year placement.  Students will attend Harrisburg Academy and have transportation to and from school (from most locations), school lunch, health insurance, spending money, and support from their exchange program.  Host families provide a clean living environment with a separate bed and a quiet place to study, good nourishment, transportation to some after school and social activities, open communication and encouragement, sound advice, and love.  In some cases, the exchange program provides a stipend to off-set costs of “room and board.”

Below are some of the students still in need of a family for the 2013-14 academic year:

Dominic, 9th grade boy from China – enjoys playing piano and is interested in basketball and running.  Dominic is planning to graduate from the Academy and attend college in the US.

Flurina, 10th grade girl from Germany – enjoys dance and theatre, interested in tennis and skiing.  Flurina’s father was also an exchange student and attended college in the US; her family is quite excited about her joining the Academy community!

Yuzi, 11th grade boy from China – enjoys soccer, piano, and basketball.  Yuzi also hopes to study at a college or university in the US.

Johanna, 11th grade girl from Germany – enjoys photography and dance, interested in tennis and swimming.  Johanna is coming to the Academy on a one-year exchange program and will return for graduation and college in her native Germany.

Young Jae, 11th grade boy from South Korea – enjoys singing and writing, interested in soccer.  Young Jae has already spent time in the US educational system, and is transferring to the Academy from a private school in Virginia.

Wojciech, 11th grade boy from Poland – enjoys technology and robotics, interested in snowboarding.  Wojciech is planning to pursue the IB full diploma, which allows him the option to stay in the US for college or return to Poland.

If you have room in your heart and home for one of these great students, please contact Miranda Connelly at 763-7811 or connelly.m@harrisburgacademy.org.