By Martha Peaslee Levine, MD, Trustee of the Board and Parent of David ’12 and Dayna ’15

“As You Like It?”  Make that, “As WE Like It!”

Last week, Harrisburg Academy’s McCormick Auditorium was packed with an enthusiastic audience as creative energy flowed from the stage.  The Cambridge University American Stage Tour (CAST), which was established under the patronage of Dame Judi Dench, performed an engaging version of “As You Like It.”

This is one of the many advantages of attending this nurturing private school.

Not only did CAST perform for the community on Thursday night, but also during September 21 – 23, the cast and crew held workshops with Harrisburg Academy students.  Middle and Upper School students had opportunities to closely interact with Cambridge University students and learn more about Shakespeare, acting, and the world at large.

This performance was sponsored by the Center for Literary Studies and the Center for the Creative Arts.  So when people ask, “Why do you send your child to a private school?”  remind them that in this environment, Centers have been created to nurture our children’s interests and talents.  These Centers work to bring in exciting individuals who can spark our children’s imaginations.  In this close-knit community, students can develop personalized connections with the talented individuals who teach at the school or come to visit.  Imagine being able to work closely with a UK actor and feel the buzz of learning more about Shakespeare, Cambridge, and the UK, which is just a hop across the pond!

I sat in the audience with my son who graduated in 2012 and my friend, whose son also graduated in 2012. We agreed, this is what Harrisburg Academy is all about — the chance to get closely involved in innovative and exciting education.  These are the opportunities that allow our children to not only dream, but to consider how to make their dreams their realities.