A longstanding tradition in education, Homecoming allows alumni to return to their schools, reconnect with each other, and celebrate their shared school tradition and history.  At Harrisburg Academy, we welcome the alumni back for Homecoming Weekend in October to attend sporting events and to celebrate the success of fellow alumni at the Alumni Achievement Awards and Athletics Hall of Fame induction ceremony.  These events are very moving for the audience as alumni speak of former coaches, teachers, and teammates.  They also give recipients the chance to acknowledge and thank people who have helped them achieve the success they have attained in their lives.

Many of the recipients and their friends who were asked to induct them credit the Academy as the place at which they formed lifelong friendships and developed the skills of perseverance, commitment, and steadfastness.  I have presented at the Athletics Hall of Fame for several years, and I consider it a real honor to be asked by a former player to induct them into this elite class of alumni.

This year, we will induct brothers, Anish ’95 and Vishal Vasisth ’95.  I began teaching and coaching at the Academy in 1993 and remember both of these stellar student-athletes who played with passion and determination.  Both were very competitive in soccer, basketball, and tennis, as reflected by their records.  Ethan Titleman ’97 will induct the Vasisth brothers.  Ethan, too, was passionate about playing basketball.  Ethan never missed a chance to work on his half-court, buzzer-beater shot either, just in case there was a “Hoosier moment” to swish one for a thrilling victory!

There are experiences in life that stay with you and mold your character from your high school days to adulthood, and I value the lessons that coaches teach our student-athletes on the courts, fields, and in the swimming pool.  As an educator, you never want to miss a moment to change someone’s life and to make a positive difference.  We are all reminded of this when we sit in the Alumni Achievement Awards and Athletics Hall of Fame audience and hear each recipient give praise to the many coaches and teachers who have made a difference in their lives.

What is more rewarding than that moment in time?