No one can tell you when it really started – it’s been at least 40 or 50 years now…
No one can tell you exactly why it started – to test, perhaps, determination, will, strength, and commitment…?
No one can be sure how many more years it will last – but it’s too much fun to stop now!

The fog drifted off and the dew from the night before was evaporating.  There was a distinct air of anticipation, heightened by the overcast skies that threatened to only forestall the inevitable.  Who would be the first victim of the first skirmish? Who would be the first to add victory and glory?

More importantly, who would have the most fun?

The weather held. The skirmishes began. The fun threatened to engulf all who were there to witness history in the making.  Everyone was prepared for battle. Alliances had been forged. Leaders began to emerge.

Camaraderie was the mood for the day.

The valiant came to the rescue of the needy. The strong supported the weak. And laughter was the medicine of choice on the battlefield.  All too quickly the skirmishes began to subside. The flow of battle began to ebb. Those successful in battle assisted those less successful off the battle fields.

The masses found their way to the mess tent for nourishment. The process of reconciliation began. The outcome of the day’s events would not be known until those responsible had time to assess what took place.

But for the masses, it didn’t matter! They had come to battle and survived! Most importantly, they had had fun!

The annual battle of the BLUE and GOLD had been hard fought and now the 2012 Harrisburg Academy Field Day was history.

But the feud continues as it seems it always has…
…and so does the fun.

Meet you on the field next year!