Growing up, my mother made sure I always had a book with me, which is undoubtedly one of the main reasons I love to read.  The other big influence has to be the books themselves.  They offer adventure, suspense, mystery, exploration, and fantastic descriptions of known (and unknown) worlds.  I could push the fact that reading improves test scores, vocabulary, and all-around knowledge, for all those points are proven facts; however, with the onset of the summer months, I’d like to simply remind everyone that reading is just so much fun!

In my current role as the MS/US librarian, I enjoy witnessing the same enthusiasm in my students, whether they are assigned a “free choice” for class or are taking part in the wonderful world of books completely by their own fruition.  Summer is a wonderful time for students to pick up a book they’ve been meaning to read and just haven’t had the time to devote to it.  It is also the time to explore new genres; for example, someone who always reads fiction might want to choose a biography to mix things up.  If you are looking for a starting place or some new ideas, please visit the MS/US library website, where I have provided links to a variety of booklists, including award winners, suggestions for boys, and college-bound recommendations.

Listed below are a couple of summer reading programs and opportunities to keep students motivated:

  • Scholastic Summer Challenge is a free online program for students to log their reading minutes as they earn rewards and a Read for the World Record.
  • The iVillage PBS KIDS Summer Reading Community Challenge is a free, 6-week program that begins June 18.  You will receive daily emails with literacy-building tips and activities, book suggestions, and chances to win prizes.
  • Remember to check with your local public library for summer book clubs and activities!

So as the summer months approach, I wish you time to sit back, relax, and enjoy time reading a really, really good book!