At Harrisburg Academy, we want all of our students to have an equal chance to achieve high academic goals.  In the initial days of the school year, Upper School teachers go over the rules and expectations as they pertain to each class.  We want students to know how to find success in our subjects.  Alongside lessons that focus on study strategies and test-taking techniques are lessons about academic integrity and information literacy.  We believe it is just as important that the students are taught the correct ways to collaborate or properly cite someone else’s work as it is for them to know how to complete a homework assignment or study for a test.

Although we don’t expect everyone in a group to share the exact same values, a common understanding of the rules and expectations is critical to the success of any group to which we belong.  We all have choices to make in life, and the faculty’s ultimate goal is to encourage our students to make the best choices possible in order that the rigorous academic setting is as fair as possible for all.

Several years ago, the faculty agreed with the idea of having all students in the Upper School take part in an online, Moodle activity that teaches them about academic integrity and information literacy.  This activity was introduced today at Morning Meeting.  The students will be engaged with these topics for a couple hours over the next month as they:

  • learn what is acceptable and unacceptable for the entire Upper School.
  • participate in online conversations with their peers.
  • play interactive games.
  • read articles about famous people who have lost the trust of the public.
  • take and pass quizzes.

We are preparing the students for our classes at the same time that we prepare them for their lives beyond 12th grade and a college or university.  It is important to us that our students reach their full potential for their entire academic careers.