I like to think of an Academy experience as a kind of a personalized educational journey. As your children move from one grade to another, they share many common experiences that are unique and personal. And like any group that shares experiences over a period of years, you can imagine the large number of stories created to describe each journey — both collective and individual — as it progresses.

The purpose of this blog is to share the stories of our students (both past and present) with you. In addition to me, our teachers, students, alums, and others will relate what they experience at the Academy… what they see, and what they hear. I’m sure some of the stories will be poignant, others will be humorous, and some reflective. In sum, I think our “story-bloggers” will provide a delightful perspective on the journeys occurring at Harrisburg Academy.

Our “story-bloggers” might be a bit similar to Samuel Taylor Coleridge’s ancient mariner — hoping to stop you in the midst of your busy day so they can tell you a marvelous story. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to read each new blog post that you will enjoy a different look at what makes Harrisburg Academy something more and something different.