The school year is coming to a close and the children are excitedly making their plans for the summer. We are excited, too, but also sad to say goodbye to a group of children we’ve watched grow over the past school year. It seems that there is more growth in HATS than in any other class.

The children start HATS in August; many of them have not been in school before and are learning how to share toys, take turns speaking, walk in a line, sit on carpet squares, attend specials classes, eat with a large group in a cafeteria…the list goes on! We are amazed every year at how quickly the children adapt to their new environment and become a vital part of the Academy community. They quickly learn each other’s names…and become friends. They quickly learn our names…and find places in our hearts. They quickly come to know their school…and own their school.

It is a magnificent process to observe and take part in. We are thrilled, too, knowing that we are helping to set the foundation for the rest of their education. These thoughts will be with us, in the back of our minds, as we get ready to say our goodbyes…and watch another wonderful group of children move on to do great things.

*This blog was co-written by Kelly Seely, HATS lead teacher, and Sandy Iwan, HATS assistant teacher.