This spring has been challenging for athletic directors and spring sport student-athletes. The rain and cold temperatures have wreaked havoc on the baseball, lacrosse, tennis, and track and field schedules. Each day brings new challenges, and it has made us all have to be a little more prepared.

The athletes have to bring three layers of clothing and have been challenged to participate in temperatures not associated with spring sports. The unpredictability of the past few weeks has made me really value what I can and cannot control — a metaphor for our lives that should never be taken for granted — and to pass this lesson onto the students.

This spring was a chance for these young students to be challenged, to not take things for granted, and to appreciate the few 80-degree days we’ve had this past month. We need those days that challenge us so we can appreciate the wonderful spring days we have instinctively counted on.

This dose of reality is a reminder to make the most of the opportunity today. It might be a record-breaking moment for one of our student-athletes. I know to-date, our # 1 singles Varsity Boys’ Tennis player, Jacob G. ’19, won his first match last week and our Spanish exchange student won his second tennis match last week at # 2 singles. On the track, Reiley F. ’20 posted her best time in the 100 meters (13.2 seconds) and 200 meters (27.79 seconds), while also winning with the 4×4 relay. Lelia W. ’21 and Caitlin H. ’21 posted their best times in the same events, and Kyrell J. ’20 jumped 16 feet, 10.5 inches in the triple jump for the first time. In Varsity Boys’ Lacrosse, Mitchell M. ’20 scored a goal versus Mechanicsburg Area Senior High School and Nate S. ’20 had two saves in goal versus CD East High School.

In a world where things come a little easier through technology, I believe we still need challenges to make us eager to perform. I’ve been encouraged watching student-athletes meet these challenges head-on this season and amidst all sorts of challenges. They may not know it yet, but these days will be etched in their memories, and they will tell their kids the story of when they ran outside in freezing cold temperatures and it was snowing in April!

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