If a picture is worth a thousand words, than I think a video must be worth one million! This past fall, Harrisburg Academy’s Communications Office produced two new marketing videos to capture the spirit and essence of our great school, showcasing the advantage of learning both in our Early Childhood and Lower School divisions, and in our Middle School and Upper School divisions.  We released them in April, and they were nothing short of a hit within the Academy community and beyond.  We continue to promote the videos through the school’s website, social media channels, and advertising.

Perhaps more inspiring than the words of our students, parents, teachers, and leaders in the videos – and that is saying a lot because I think each of their interviews were incredibly authentic and powerful – is the look on our students’ faces.  They’re happy.  They’re engaged.  They’re moving and focusing and challenging and connecting, with each other and with their teachers… and it is fantastic.

I hope you enjoy these videos and look forward to the full series, which we plan to continue producing in the coming months.

The Advantage of Early Childhood and Lower School Video

Discover the Advantage Middle School and Upper School Video