The tangible and intangible experiences that Academy students are offered far exceed those of their public and parochial school peers.  As director of admission and marketing at the Academy, a key focus of my daily tasks surrounds marketing the school to enroll the best and brightest students that the Harrisburg-Hershey-Carlisle area has to offer.  These students, and their parents, are always curious to learn more about what sets the Academy apart.  It’s what we call “the Academy Advantage.”

One parent describes the advantages of the Academy experience in this way:

“We believe education plays an essential role in developing children into confident, well-rounded individuals who can function in today’s competitive workplace. The Academy provides an education and an environment that fosters such development. The academic environment at the school is rigorous, which prepares them well for the challenges of higher education. The school curriculum is broad, offering exposure that is critical in developing well-rounded individuals.  The small classroom size enables the kind of attention and teacher-student interaction that we believe is invaluable in developing a solid educational foundation. In addition, students will learn that their opinions matter as they are encouraged to share their views throughout their years at the school.” – Lisa Idrovo, parent of Lower and Middle School students

We know that the opportunities our students have – regardless of whether they are 3 or 13 years old – are different from their peers at other schools.  For example, in 2012, Harrisburg Academy launched a one-to-one computing program with its 7th through 12th graders, allowing students effortless access to research and electronic resources to complement their coursework.  In fall 2014 this program will extend to 6th graders.

The Academy’s 1st through 4th grade students have physical education nearly every day, in addition to teacher-supervised outdoor recess.  At the Academy, more than 75 percent of all Middle and Upper School students play at least one sport – and participate, thanks, in part, to our “no-cut” policy. This engagement often continues in college with many students competing as NCAA athletes.

All students in Kindergarten through 8th grade participate in fine and performing arts, computer, and foreign language classes.  These classes are a focal point of our liberal arts education, as is the International Baccalaureate Diploma program offered in the Upper School.

Nearly 100 percent of Academy graduates attend a 4-year university; over two-thirds attend their first or second choice.

Academy teachers guide and inspire their students, making our school a true community of learners.  The faculty members provide an academically challenging yet nurturing environment that is the backbone of each child’s personal learning journey at Harrisburg Academy. The environment is learning-focused and character-building, and not based on mandated standardized tests.

We encourage you to learn more about the Academy and the advantages of our preschool through 12th grade independent school community.  Applications for admission and merit scholarships are still being accepted.

What do Harrisburg Academy students experience? Something more. Something different.