As the Director of Admission and Marketing at Harrisburg Academy, I hear this question on a pretty regular basis, in one form or another:

“Why Harrisburg Academy?”

So I asked a few Academy parents from the Parent Ambassadors group, and here’s what they said.

We chose the Academy because years ago there was a promotional flier that stated: “School the way it should be.” After visiting the Academy nearly a decade ago, we found the slogan to be representative of the superb education available at the Academy. Our kids have been here ever since.

Does that sound like something you might say? Maybe this…

As the parent of a gifted child, I was disappointed in the lack of opportunities at our previous school. The options for arts, advanced math, after-school science labs, and multiple foreign languages are great for filling the academic needs of my child. Engaging gifted kids can be tough, but our experience at the Academy shows that it can be done.

Or maybe your child is one of the nearly 50 each year that joins the Academy as a transfer from a local public school. If so, chances are you’d agree with what this Academy parent had to say:

Having had a child in public school and the Academy, there is no question that the Academy offers a more exciting, engaging, and challenging environment and sets a higher academic standard. The faculty is genuinely dedicated to, and interested in, each student as an individual. The size of the Academy creates a strong sense of community that is valued by the students.

Each parent, student, and alumni, speaks differently about the advantages of an Academy education. In the admission office, our goal is to effectively communicate the value of an Academy education. Some of that value comes from the “company we keep” – both nationally and internationally. As a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, the Academy joins over 1,100 schools in the United States and abroad that provide high-quality and individualized educations. Another example is the Academy’s International Baccalaureate Diploma Program, an academically challenging and balanced program that prepares students around the world for success in higher education and life beyond.

At the Academy, education is a personalized learning journey – one that is challenging and nurturing at the same time. So let’s not ask “Why Harrisburg Academy?” Let’s ask “Why not?”