In our Harrisburg Academy Threes (HATS), Junior Kindergarten (JK), and Kindergarten classes, our teachers provide activities that are open-ended and adaptable. Our youngest students are able to explore and discover the joy of learning new things as their personal journeys begin. In addition, Early Childhood is enhanced with physical education, library, music, Spanish, fine arts, and computer instruction.  The diverse learning opportunities not only encourage our students’ creativity, but they also inspire our teachers and our community.

“We have a strong sense of collegiality among the teachers and staff as we integrate our themes and lessons across disciplines helping our students make unique and long-lasting learning connections. We are dedicated to getting to know our students very well to help them set and reach goals and continually stretch and enrich their learning.”  – Karen Weber, Kindergarten assistant

“I love the sense of community shared by students, families, and faculty, and the focus on lifelong learning.” – Kelly Seely, HATS teacher

“Because of our small class sizes, I get to interact with each of the children on a personal level more often. This includes reading stories and doing arts and crafts, which I love.”  – Sandy Iwan, HATS assistant

“As a teacher, I am not burdened with teaching to a test and I have the freedom to use my creativity to try different social and academic learning activities with the collaboration and support of the specials teachers to provide an exciting and motivating curriculum.  I love using the Responsive Classroom approach to teaching which addresses the social/emotional/ and academic needs of each student. Creativity, discovery, hands-on learning, and inquiry-based learning is valued and promoted.”  – Elaine Price, Kindergarten teacher

“The Early Childhood department works together as a team to ensure that each child not only grows academically, but also socially and emotionally to become a well-rounded, respectful individual.” – Cori Ishman, Kindergarten assistant

“It is truly a community.  As a parent, I appreciate the closeness that my own children have with their teachers and fellow students. From a teacher’s view, I try to ensure that students, families, and colleagues feel welcome, cared for, and valued and know that they respect and care for me in return.” – Gretchen Qualls, Junior Kindergarten teacher