Is an education at Harrisburg Academy worth the expense?

“Some might wonder why we continue to pay for an education kids can get for free? It’s because children cannot get an Academy-level education at any public school. It is more important than ever in this economy to provide them with the best education possible and public schools are straining under budget cuts – the exact opposite of the Academy’s response to its students over the past few years. The Academy is committed to every aspect of my children’s education now and down the road.”

As a member of the National Association of Independent Schools, Harrisburg Academy knows that quality education is more than a value-added proposition. Schools like the Academy prepare students not just for this year’s standards-based tests, but for all of life’s tests – in school, college, and beyond. According to the 2010 Higher Education Research Institute survey, students who graduate from independent schools are more able to adjust to, and excel at, academic and social life in college. When compared with their public school peers, independent school students are more active politically, more academically prepared for college, more likely to participate in internship programs, more likely to feel a part of their campus community, and more likely to have post-collegiate employment.

With the addition of the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program in the Academy’s Upper School, our students have the ability to receive not only merit scholarships for college, but actually receive significant college credits – increasing their access to advanced courses while also offering the possibility of reduced expenses to earn a bachelor’s degree.

What do our parents say?

“I don’t place a monetary value on my son’s safety, happiness, academic success, passion for learning or ability to succeed, but if I did, an education at Harrisburg Academy would be a bargain.”

“Although charter schools and religious schools were an option because of their somewhat lower price tag, once we visited Harrisburg Academy, we made a commitment to sacrifice in any way to send our child to the Upper School. While our family retained the primary responsibility of financing our child’s education, the Academy’s scholarship program went a long way to making her dream of attending the Academy a reality.”

“My wife and I are both committed to the education of our children. Consequently, several years ago, we decided to find a school to nurture their intellectual and social development. We selected Harrisburg Academy over many other schools. To say the least, the Academy has delivered for our children! As such, we continue to make the financial sacrifice to send our children to the Academy because it continues to meet their needs at every stage of their development. Even so, we could not meet the financial commitment without the generous financial aid program.”

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