A Year of Native American Studies for 2nd Grade

Second grade students at Harrisburg Academy are immersed in the study of Native American tribes for three quarters of the academic year. Students learn about the Iroquois of the Northeast, Seminole of the Southeast, Sioux of the Plains, Navajo of the Southwest, Maidu of California, Nez Perce of the Plateau, Tlingit of the Northwest, and Inuit of the Arctic.

This fall, we welcomed Travelers Trunks for an extensive in-school field trip. Students explored clothing, tools, and games used by the Iroquois. They also had an opportunity to role play to experience the roles of men and women in the tribe. We are looking forward to our field trip this May to Fort Hunter to learn about the Native Americans in our area.

Students decorated a Seminole headdress and imagined what it would be like to participate in a Seminole celebration.

Caroline L., Rainne K., Saniyah W., Gretchen H., Emma G., and Allianora A. (all Class of 2028) learn about the roles of women in the Iroquois tribe. The women chose the male members of the Great Council.

John F., Max S., Teddy O., Harry K., Moses T., and Sheel K. (all Class of 2028) are the chiefs of the six nations of the Iroquois.

During our in-school field trip, Teddy O. ’28 becomes an Iroquois chief.

Rainne K. ’28 chose the name Red Buffalo for a Sioux naming ceremony.

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