The Academy is proud to announce the results of the 2015 Young Alumni Survey!  The outcomes support the importance of programs unique to the Academy, including the International Baccalaureate Diploma program and a liberal arts education, with a focus on educational experiences, student outcomes, and character development.  The input of the Academy’s alumni network is vitally important, and with it, we can continue to support a thriving educational community that prepares students for life well beyond the Academy’s walls.

The results of the Alumni Survey support the Academy Advantages in many different ways, particularly the strength of the college counseling program.  As a college preparatory school, Harrisburg Academy’s personalized college counseling experience is a true resource for students and families throughout the college selection and application process.  The ultimate goal of the program is to find a top-tier college or university that is the natural fit for each of our graduates.  In response to the survey, 81 percent of alumni who responded attended or are attending their first or second choice school, confirming that 89 percent are extremely or very satisfied that the college they attended or are attending is the best fit for them.  In addition, 83 percent indicated their Academy preparation for college was very good or excellent.

In addition, the Academy’s small class sizes and individualized curriculum allow students to be actively involved in their own education.  The Academy also offers the IB Diploma program, allowing students to explore a global education alongside students from all over the world.  Over half of the alumni who responded to the survey said they felt excellently prepared for college.  In fact, 92 percent felt that writing was an academic strength in college, while 84 percent reported above-average leadership ability compared with college peers.  Currently, 61 percent graduated with or are on track for Latin laude honors.

Finally, we are always pleased to hear that an Academy education has helped influence a career path for many of our alumni.  The majority of those who responded plan to or are pursuing a medical school or law degree, while one-third plan to enter the professional workforce.  At the Academy, we are so proud of the heritage and tradition that our alumni help maintain, and we look forward to hosting them as academics and professionals as models for our current students.

Again, thank you to all the young alumni who participated in this survey.  The entire Academy community, from current students and parents to friends of the Academy, benefit from the expertise and engagement of our diverse alumni network, and value the shared first-hand experiences of an Academy education.